cleaning deck with pressure washer

When it comes to chore days, a good pressure washer could quickly become one of your most valuable tools, helping you tackle a range of different cleaning tasks in a record time. One of these tasks could be reviving an old wooden deck in less than half an hour. How to do that? – You might be asking, and that’s why we’re here. We’ve decided to make this guide and help our visitors with the deck washing, since using a pressure washer for such a task isn’t quite simple – this thing can pack up to 80 times more pressure than your standard garden hose and cause damage to your wooden surface, as well to your body if you’re not careful. Read on and find out how to do this thing properly:

STEP ONE – The Safety Measures

Even though they’re incredibly practical and efficient, the pressure washers can, actually, cause some serious injuries. One of these injuries, for example, is the laceration – this can lead to a severe infection if you let the concentrated spray penetrate deep into your (or someone else’s) muscle tissue. That’s why you should always wear sturdy footwear, long pants, and the goggles whenever you’re using the washer, and especially if you’re going to clean your deck with it. You should also avoid wearing any jewelry or loose clothing, as they can pull you into the spray. Once you’ve put on the proper clothes, proceed to the next step.

STEP TWO – The Site Preparation

In order to do a proper job of the deck cleaning, you should, of course, remove all the existing items from it. Pay special attention to fragile items – remove them first, as you’re certainly going to cause them a lot of damage if you accidentally hit them with a spray of high-pressure water. Once you’ve done that, you should take a broom and thoroughly sweep away all the leaves and other kinds of loose debris. Such an action will help you reveal the tough stains that might be present under all those leaves, and you surely don’t want to miss any of them with your pressure washer.

STEP THREE – Preparing the Unit for Work

Now that the objects are removed and the deck is clean of mildew, leaves, and tree sap, it’s time to apply the deck cleaner. If your deck is lightly soiled, you can skip this step, but if it’s not – be sure to do it, since this will loosen the embedded dirt and make the job a lot easier. Following the producer’s instructions, fill the unit’s soap dispenser with your preferred cleanser, and don’t worry about the dilution – the machine will combine the detergent and the water together into one compound.

deck washing

After that, you can install the suitable nozzle on the tip of your pressure washer, power up the machine, and carefully distribute the combination of cleanser and water all over your deck. We advise you to do this by using long and overlapping strokes, and with no hurry – after all, only a thorough kind of cleaning will make that old deck shine like it’s new.

STEP FOUR – Clean the Tight Corners

You don’t want to leave any area filled with stains, so take a stiff scrub brush and work the cleaner with it into hard-to-reach areas and tight corners, as well as the spaces between the railings. In order to prevent streaking, you shouldn’t let the detergent dry out.

STEP FIVE – Pressure-Wash Your Deck

Now that the cleaning product is all over the deck, switch to your widest spray nozzle and begin the pressure-washing process. Use wide sweeping motions, as they will easily remove the grain of the wood, as well as any kinds of stains from the whole deck. Be careful not to get closer than 6 inches to the deck, since that could damage the wooden surface – the best distance from the deck to the nozzle is at about two feet. Keep doing this until the desired area is completely clean, and then simply turn off the machine and drain the water line by pulling the trigger to release the residual pressure.

If you want, you can reapply the protective wood stain once you’re done with the cleaning.