DuroMax XP3100PWT


  • EASE OF USE 98%


– A strong motor
– Durable frame
– Quick-connect nozzles


– Problematic tires
– Might be too expensive for some people

Getting rid of the grime and dirt is not a problem anymore – the DuroMax XP3100PWT gas pressure washer is one of the best we’ve reviewed so far, excelling in almost all fields and having just a minor number of drawbacks. It caught our attention because of its high user ratings all over the internet, so we decided to take one for ourselves and give it a detailed look at all of its features and perks. It’s quite easy to use and sports a powerful motor – read on and find out why does this model has a top-seller status.

The Specifications

  • DIMENSIONS: 24 x 20 x 39 inches

  • WEIGHT: 75 lbs

  • WATER CONSUMPTION: 2.5 Gallons Per Minute

Take this into consideration before your purchase

The DuroMax XP3100PWT can tackle any kind of job you throw at it, thanks to its powerful engine (7 HP) that efficiently delivers 3100 PSI of washing power by spraying 2,5 GPM of water. It features a 25-foot hose, the attachments that will allow you to spray the water at different degrees, as well as the turbo nozzle and the much-need applicator for soap. This model also has a detergent tank, providing you with the constant flow of your cleaning products.

To top all of this, the DuroMax XP3100PWT is very sturdy – the 12″ wheels are attached to a durable metal frame, giving the whole machine a pretty serious look and feel.

The Features

A Sturdy Design

This model features a great build quality, as the engine, controls and the wheels are resting on a firm frame made of welded metal. This gives the whole thing a weight of 75 pounds, but also a durable look that guarantees a proper usage for the time to come.

Six Quick-Connect Nozzles

Like some other gas pressure models, the DuroMax XP3100PWT also comes with a set of additional nozzles which allow the user to wash the objects under different pressures – 0, 15, 25, and the 40 degrees one, as well as the turbo nozzle and the one for the soap application.

Ease of Use

The manufacturers at DuroMax were thinking of everything – this machine has a nice cushion grip that prevents blisters that appear after long washing sessions, and there is also the easy-to-pull trigger. All of this reduces the fatigue and improves the comfort while using the machine for the longer periods of time.

A Strong Motor

As we already said, the DuroMax XP3100PWT comes with a pretty potent engine – 7 HP of sheer power will make a short work of dirt that’s on your sidewalks, driveway, roofing, and everywhere else. The engine powers a quality axial pump which in turn provides a consistent output and a high pressure.

What We Didn’t Like

There’s only one major flaw here, in our opinion – the tires. The DuroMax didn’t really pay much attention to this part of the whole package, so the tires can come out easily and you’ll have to inflate them from time to time. This probably has something to do with the fact that this pressure washer is a bit on the heavier side, and we think that the DuroMax should have had attached tires of a better quality.

Some users report that the detergent/soap dispensing feature doesn’t work as good as it should, but we had no problems with it. When it comes to washing, it’s a real breeze to use DuroMax XP3100PWT – our only complaint is the problematic tires.

What Do Other Say?

Online reviews and ratings for the DuroMax XP3100PWT are overwhelmingly positive – everyone is giving praises to this machine’s strong motor, ease of use, and the reasonable price. We have noticed that the people were particularly thrilled with how easy it is to clean various objects with it – driveways, sidewalks, cars, carpets, and the barbecue grills aren’t a problem for this model.

We agree with most of these praises – we also like the convenient onboard storage, the rear hose connection, the quick change connectors, the cushion grip, as well as the very durable-looking welded frame that protects the pump and the engine and makes lifting the whole thing an easy thing to do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this pressure washer loud?
It is as loud as an average lawnmower, meaning that it’s not hard on the ears but makes talking with someone over it pretty difficult.
How long is the warranty period for the DuroMax XP3100PWT?
It comes with a 30-day replacement warranty and 1-year warranty on the parts.
How difficult is the assembly?
It is very easy. A word of advice – replace the included plastic rivets with the metal ones, if you can.

The Conclusion

Well-built and designed with care, the DuroMax XP3100PWT has just one drawback and excels on all other fields. It’s of great help when it comes to cleaning around the house, and is also durable enough to be used in years to come. In our opinion, this is probably the best gas pressure washer in this price range that you can find on the market right now – we recommend it!

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