essential accessories for pressure washer

Having a pressure washer without the right accessories is like having a car without tires. One cannot go without the other. There are all sorts of extensions and wands, but there are a couple of them that are absolutely essential. Wondering which extensions are considered a must have? Take a look and decide whether they’ll prove useful or mundane.

Turbo Nozzle

Having trouble with sand in the cracks around your garage? Nothing that a turbo nozzle can’t fix. The unique design of this nozzle makes it invaluable for situations like these. It’s easy to mount on your pressure washer, and once it’s there it will do wonders for grass, sand and debris stuck in cavities and cracks. Due to its design, however, it’s not advised to use it for prolonged period. Longer exposure to pressure can lead to malfunction. It’s a delicate tool for delicate operations. But getting that hard-to-reach places isn’t the only thing a turbo nozzle is great for. You can also use it for cleaning grout in between tiles.

Extension Hose

If you’re cleaning your yard just before the spring, there will be a lot of fallen leafs all around you. The quickest and most efficient way to do it is with a pressure washer. But what about your roof? Debris that piles up waste pipes, drains and gutter is usually hard to remove. Mostly because it’s out of reach. With an extension hose, you can easily reach your spout and remove all the fallen leafs and debris that got there with one effortless move.

Rotating Nozzle

Changing extension nozzles every time you move on to the next area to clean can be tiring. With a rotating nozzle, you won’t have to waste any time changing the extension. As you rotate the joint the water coming out will change shape providing with a wider spray to cover a larger area, or thinned focused stream. This way you can easily modify the stream and adjust to every situation. No longer will you have to change the nozzle every time you find a hard-to-get stain on your sidewalk.

Trigger Gun

With its comfortable grip and easy-to-use concept, a trigger gun is what every pressure washer handler should have in his kit. If you’re not too comfortable with using a hose on a pressure washer to clean your backyard, you most definitely should get this accessory. It has a modifier on the trigger so you can adjust how sensitive you want it to be. Next to this it also has a small rotating part at the end of the barrel that provides similar effects as a rotating nozzle.

Surface Cleaner

There isn’t a better way to make your tiles sparkling clean again than with a surface cleaner. It mounts on the same principle as with any other extension. The only difference is that it gets water supply from the hose extension, meaning that it’s pre-required to have one before you buy a surface cleaner. Once you start using it to polish your tiles, garage floor, and backyard entrance, you’ll want to use it for everything. Unfortunately, there are only so many applicable actions with a surface cleaner.