AR Blue Clean AR390SS


  • EASE OF USE 90%


– The included nozzle attachments
– Lengthy power cord
– Doesn’t waste water – uses only 1,4 GPM
– Long warranty period


– A problematic water hose
– Unclear assembly instructions

When it comes to cleaning around the house, a simple garden hose will do the trick. But what about your dirty vehicle or the yard furniture with the pollen caked all over it? In such cases, you will need more power, and that’s where the electric pressure washers come in. We’ve decided to take a look at one of the most popular machines of this kind – the AR390SS. Could this be the solution that you’ve been searching for? Read our review and find everything about this model’s features, as well as about its advantages and the flaws.

The Specifications

  • DIMENSIONS: 17 x 38 x 16 inches

  • WEIGHT: 33,6 lbs

  • WATER CONSUMPTION: 1,4 Gallons Per Minute

Take this into consideration before your purchase

The AR Blue Clean AR390SS is a very sleek electric pressure washer with a pump that works at 1,6 horsepower, achieving 2000 PSI and having a flow of 1,4 gallons per minute. Just like with many other pressure washers, the quick-connect nozzles are included in the package. You will get four of them: the 0 degrees one, the 25 degrees one, and two specials ones – the soap tip and the rotary nozzle.

Fortunately, the AR390SS also features a very nice detergent tank (48 oz.), allowing you to give a more proper wash to the desired objects. We should also mention that you’re getting a pretty long hose here – it measures 30 feet in length.

The Features

Lightweight and Easy to Use

Weighing only 33,6 pounds, this pressure washer is very easy to move around. A set of 7,5″ wheels makes the things even easier, while the 35-foot power cord lets you reach every part of the backyard with no hassle.

Four Nozzles for Different Cleaning Tasks

The AR Blue Clean AR390SS comes with four different nozzles, and they’re here to make every cleaning task a lot easier. If there weren’t any, you’d be forced to clean everything with the water flow of the same pressure, and that would certainly damage some objects.

No Noise While Working

Unlike the gas-powered washers, the electric ones are a lot quieter. The AR Blue Clean AR390SS definitely falls into the category of the quiet pressure washers, and it’s a pleasure to work with it around the house. This feature will probably be important to people who live in very quiet neighborhoods.

The Turbo Nozzle

This little attachment definitely deserves a special place in this review – when connected, it increases the pressure of the water and makes it 50% higher than the one in your standard garden hose. This will allow you to efficiently remove even the strongest stains from your patio or the driveway.

What We Didn’t Like

In our opinion, the biggest drawback of the AR Blue Clean AR390SS is the included water hose.

Even though it’s pretty lengthy and lets you reach the far areas of the backyard, it is very stiff, and reeling it out might prove to be very challenging at some occasions. Sometimes it will even recoil on its own, which will create kinks and cause you to halt the whole process only to straighten the hose in order to be able to continue the cleaning. We advise you to avoid making sudden motions while holding the hose – if you’re not careful, you might knock over the machine since it’s really lightweight.

Our only other complaint is the fact that the directions for the assembly are a bit difficult to follow, but we’re sure that most of the people won’t have a lot of trouble with it.

What Do Other Say?

Purchasers of this model are often praising the included nozzles and their great functionality, as well as the presence of the wheels and the overall light weightiness of the whole appliance. Even though it might not look as such at the first sight, the AR Blue Clean AR390SS is quite a durable machine, and we tend to agree with that. We also agree with user’s who are praising the device’s unmatched quietness, and the lengthy power cord.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty period on this product?
Like all appliances made by AR, the Blue Clean AR390SS comes with a one-year warranty.
Can I wash the windows with this appliance?
Yes, you can. Use the lowest force nozzle for this, in order to avoid any possible damage to the windows.
Is the included hose rubber or a braided one?
The hose is made of a rubber compound, with some vinyl elements.

The Conclusion

The AR Blue Clean AR390SS is an electric pressure washer that will certainly make cleaning around the yard a lot easier – it’s powerful enough to remove all sorts of stains from various objects and surfaces, and also lightweight enough for the smooth movement around the backyard. Its only major drawback is the problematic water hose that’s too stiff and might complicate the things a bit, but that can’t stop us from giving this device our hearty recommendation.

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