Purchasing a pressure washer is a great step to take to really take control of your home cleaning projects. A pressure washer can easily clean the side of your house, your car, your fence, your pool, or any other surface on or around your house you could want to clean quickly.

Having a pressure washer can help reduce the amount of time, energy, and money you spend cleaning the house and walkways yearly, and can help you find the motivation to keep things clean and tidy year-round. This can especially be helpful for those who are in no medical condition to do heavy cleaning work, but still want to do something to keep their home tidy.

Using a pressure washer is not very complicated, but without knowing how to use it properly it can become rather dangerous. It is important to follow the rules carefully so you can make sure that you don’t hurt yourself or your property during use.

A pressure washer deals with a great amount of force for the water to reach that kind of pressure and distance, so aiming it at anyone could pose immensely dangerous, and using it on non-recommended surfaces can mean potential breaking, chipping, or stripping of paint.

So when you are using a pressure washer always follow instructions, don’t take shortcuts, and make sure to practice safe use and keep it out of the way of anyone who might run in the middle of the stream.

Steps On How To Use A Pressure Washer

Steps On How To Use A Pressure Washer

The first step is to clean out the inlet filter before use. This can ensure that no debris or any type of contaminants get in the water, which could harm the thing you are cleaning.

The second step is to attach any extra attachments you plan on using. This could be anything from a specific tip, to a longer hose, to a spraying rod. These attachments help you customize the job you are doing and prepare you for the task that you are undertaking. It is important to put compatible attachments on your pressure washer so you can make sure they will work and not break.

Thirdly you need to prepare the washer for use by running water through it for one minute, making sure it goes through and cleans itself and is working properly before you go ahead with using it. This can help clear debris and make sure everything is connected before you turn on the pressure. This also gets any air out of the system so the water does not sputter.

Fourth, you need to test the sprayer out for a few pumps to depressurize it, to allow any pressure through the system to come out and to make sure it will go the amount you want it to.

Last, crank the gas handle or turn it on and begin your work!

Final Thoughts Before Using a Pressure Washer

Final Thoughts Before Using a Pressure Washer

Again, please be careful to always wear safety goggles while using a pressure washer, to keep the stray pressurized water from your eyes, and always remember to never point your air stream at animals and children.