Sun Joe SPX3000


  • EASE OF USE 95%


– Affordable
– Lightweight & portable
– Versatile
– Cleans most surfaces


– Connection adapter might leak
– Hose could be longer (20-feet)

For those that want to spend less time cleaning and get better results, an electric pressure washer is the answer. Among all the products available, the SPX3000 caught our eye because of its top seller status. With this unit, you’ll be able to remove grease, grime and dirt from many different surfaces. It has a set of various attachments which makes it versatile enough to clean almost anything.  To find out more continue reading our full review below.

The Specifications

  • DIMENSIONS: 13.5 x 15.6 x 33.9 inches

  • WEIGHT: 31 lbs

  • WATER CONSUMPTION: 1.76 Gallons Per Minute

Take this into consideration before your purchase

At the core of this machine is a 14.5 amp & 1.8 kW motor which offers a max 1.76 GPM flow rate and 2,030 PSI. This is more than enough for most household cleaning jobs, in our opinion. In terms of size and weight, this is a portable and lightweight model. Product dimensions are 33.9 x 13.5 x 15.6 inches with a weight of 31 pounds.

Before you can use this unit, you’ll need to spend about 15 minutes putting it together, because it doesn’t come fully assembled. Overall, setup was straightforward and fast. We can’t say that we encountered any problems while getting this machine to run.

The Features

Quick-Connect Spraying Tips

With this model you get a total of five add-ons for improved cleaning performance. These are  0, 15, 25, and 40-degree tips which can tackle anything from light to heavy duty jobs. The 0-degree tip can remove almost anything, including paint, so beware. In contrast, the 40-degree tip can wash patio furniture, cars, etc. Before choosing a tip, always consult the user manual.

Total Stop System (TSS)

This is a safety and power saving feature that we always like to see included. With TSS, once you release the trigger, the pump starts working which extends its service.

Dual Detergent Tanks

Included with this mode is a set of storage tanks for cleaning fluids. For quick switching between each 30 oz. container, you can use a convenient dial.

Extension Spray Wand

For better reach, you get a 34-inch wand in the box with this electric pressure washer.  That way you can clean the underside of vehicles, gutters, and other inaccessible spots.

What We Didn’t Like

As far as performance goes, we were impressed with what this model can do. But, there are some disadvantages to such an affordable product.

First of all, we didn’t like the plastic adapter that connects the main unit to a water hose. The reliability of this part is questionable and if you’re not careful, you might strip the threads which can cause leaks. But, there’s an upside to this issue. This is a known problem and if you register and call the manufacturer you will get a free brass attachment. Secondly, some might find it tricky to move this unit around since the pressure hose is low to the ground and impedes movement.

Finally, the included 20-foot hose could be longer. If you want to get a bigger one, you might have to buy it from SunJoe. This is because there’s a slight difference between their connections and standard ones.

What Do Other Say?

Since the Sun Joe SPX3000 is a top selling model, most of the reviews online are positive. An overwhelming majority find this model to meet all their cleaning needs. From outdoor furniture to fences, cars and patios, users report having little to no trouble using this pressure washer.

However, some people have noticed the same things we have during our tests. To be specific, others have had problems with leaking from the plastic adapter that we already mentioned. Furthermore, using this unit for hours at a time, each day is not recommended. After all, this is an electric pressure washer for cars and the like, not professional usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use the detergent tanks?
No. The storage containers can remain empty while you clean. Use them only if you need to apply cleaning agents to a surface.
Can i use an extension cord?
If you do, you might void warranty and damage your unit. It’s best to check the user manual to avoid unnecessary damage to your unit.
How long is the extension cord on this pressure washer?
With this machine, you get a 35-foot extension cord.

The Conclusion

Despite a few downsides like the hose connector and shorter hose, we think the Sun Joe SPX3000 is a worthy choice. You can speed up most outdoor cleaning jobs with this machine and achieve impressive results. It’s versatile, light, and easy to cart around on its wheels.

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