The Force 2000 Powerhouse International


  • EASE OF USE 95%


– Good 3000 PSI engine and high efficiency
– Very compact and lightweight
– Affordable
– Plenty of accessories


– Possible issues with the water hose
– Everything is made of plastic

Coming with a specially devised brush motor and some high-efficiency cleaning features, the Force 2000 Powerhouse International is definitely a pressure washer worth checking out. As an affordable model with lots of power and high mobility, it quickly caught our attention, and we have decided to take a more detailed look at it and write down this review for you. We’re going to take a look at all of its features, accessories, advantages, and flaws, as well as what other users are saying about it. We can already say that we really like this machine, but let’s get into details!

The Specifications

  • DIMENSIONS: 33 x 11 x 12 inches

  • WEIGHT: 23,8 lbs

  • WATER CONSUMPTION: 1,6 Gallons Per Minute

Take this into consideration before your purchase

As you can see from the specifications list, this is one of the most lightweight electric pressure washers on the market right now – the Force 2000 Powerhouse International weighs only 23,8 pounds, which means that moving it around while working won’t be a problem for anyone. With the included 35-foot power cord, one is able to reach all areas of his or hers backyard, while the powerful brush motor makes this model a fine choice when it comes to concrete or wooden surfaces – it reaches 2000 PSI while consuming only 1,6 gallons of water per minute.

There is also a 20-foot hose, the reel for the storage of it, as well as the twist-on soap bottle, two nozzles, and the patio cleaner.

The Features

An Efficient Engine

This model works just as good as some gas-powered pressure washers, thanks to its quality motor that features the 3000 PSI Initial Power Boost. The tough stains can’t stand a chance against it, and we also like the so-called “Total Stop System” that shuts down the engine when you release the trigger.

Great Accessories

The Force 2000 Powerhouse International comes with a few different accessories inside the box. You get two nozzles (adjustable and turbo), the attachable bottle for your preferred cleaning product, and the proprietary spinning patio cleaner. All of these accessories will certainly be of help when it comes to various cleaning chores.

High Mobility

This electric pressure washer weighs just under 25 pounds, so it’s incredibly easy to move it everywhere around the household. The water hose is a quick-connect one and its length measures 20 feet, while the power cord is even longer – it is 35 feet long and lets you reach all areas of the backyard easily.

A Good Warranty

This electric pressure washer comes with a one-year warranty, which is quite enough for this kind of device. Even though it might look cheap at first sight, we’re pretty sure that you won’t have any serious problems with it.

What We Didn’t Like

We found only one major drawback here – the included water hose. It is lengthy and works great, but if you don’t unroll it to the very end you risk having the whole appliance fall over. This could do some serious damage to the washer, so we advise you to unroll the whole length of the hose whenever you’re about to do some cleaning around the house or the yard.

Some people probably won’t like the build quality of the Force 2000 Powerhouse International – the whole thing is made of sturdy plastic, but if it falls over due to user’s sudden moves with the hose, the plastic still might crack at some places. But bear in mind that this is simply the price of having a lightweight washer.

What Do Other Say?

Users all over the web are praising the high mobility and the light weight of this electric pressure washer, especially those who were using one of those heavy gas-pressured models before. The people are particularly happy with the included spinning patio cleaner, which is a perfect solution for the dirty wooden surfaces.

Some reviewers are pretty fond of the soap/foam bottle that can be attached to the trigger gun and let you use as much of the cleaning product as you want. The internal soap dispensers can clog the washer over the time, but that simply cannot happen in this case and is definitely a great plus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the pressure settings on this model?
No, but you can regulate pressure with the included nozzles.
How well will this washer clean a concrete driveway?
You shouldn’t have any problems with concrete surfaces – it cleans them with no hassle.
What's the length of the power cord?
The cord is 35 feet long and has the built-in GFCI for additional safety.

The Conclusion

Lightweight and very mobile, the Force 2000 Powerhouse International is a perfect choice for people who need a good, portable solution for their concrete and wooden surfaces. It is affordable and comes with accessories that make every cleaning task easy to complete, and is definitely one of the best small pressure washer that we’ve tested so far.

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